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Hello World!

I have always loved nature. Rocks, plants, animals, the ocean – I love it all.

I have a deep respect for the power of Mother Nature and all of the magic and love that comes from our Creator. I am an herbalist, and share this passion with others enthusiastically. My hope is that others benefit from the healing power of plants, herbs, and positive intention.

For me, becoming a shamanic practitioner was the next step in my path to living my calling which is that of the healer. This is something I have always knew, since I was young, that healing was my gift, not sure how, or why, it just was.

I am developing MyShamanicPath to share this journey and everything that I learn in hopes that it might help others in some way. I am in no way an expert on these topics, as I feel that no one can ever truly be, since Spirit, Nature, and Energy are always changing, moving, and renewing. I am forever a willing and eager student, awaiting the next lesson.

Join me?